Lookin' For Loneliness

[D. Penn, D. Gonzalez]
Dan Penn music BMI
Solig Songs BMI,
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Tonight I'm scoutin', lookin' all around
lookin' high and low, up and down
lookin' hard for what I never found
lookin' for loneliness, all around

Once I had it made, all that love could bring
thinkin' happiness was everything
it was a cold cruel awakening
now I'm lookin' for loneliness, everwhere

Loneliness my only friend, won't let me down, can't do me in
when emptiness means more than less,
all that's left is loneliness

It's a tragedy when you can't forget
when your smile don't work, and your eye's stay wet
what you wan't , ya ain't found it yet
you're lookin' for lonliness, all around

If you look for me in the mornin' light
I won't be there, I've taken flight
lookin' long into the night
lookin' for loneliness, everywhere
lookin' for loneliness, all around