Turn To Grey

[C. Gaffney]
Amigos A-Go-Go, Solig Songs, BMI
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Now you spend your lifetime living' in the shadows,
staring' out the window everyday
for a man who wouldn't love you if his life depended on it
you're no longer black or white, you've turned to grey

you started man on a downward spiral ever since you left your mother
I didn't seem to mind that riverside was our home
the rent was cheap, honey so we're you, this ain't about Houston,
I drive to Tucson one more time, I'm gone

I saw your brother yesterday, he's a loser
he's living' in Fontana with a kitchen for his farm
he said I looked a lot like someone he knew back in prison
…who never meant to do no one no harm

the baby's fried' and hungry, with a load from here to Monday
I wish I would have met you when the Lord still took names
Now it's hail Mary full of gin, and a sweet boneless Jesus
Our happy home might never be the same