The Years That Got Away

[D. Penn]
Dan Penn Music, BMI

I never saw them comin',
I never felt them leave
They came and went just like
A whisp of smoke upon a breeze
Hair that was black, now's turnin' grey
Where they go I'll never know?
…the years that got away

Yesterday's child, today I'm a man
In between I lost some ground,
but I found a place to stand
Right by her side, no more to stray
She stuck it out thru thick and thin
…thru the years that got away

Let bygone's be bygone's,
I've heard it all my life
But lately I been lookin' back
Thanking God for my wife

I bought an old studebaker,
a '52 Starlight Coupe
dilapidated, all used up,
couldn't do what it used to do
once strong and trusty,
it's kind of rusty today
couldn't last, it went so fast
…into the years that got away

but if that old car could talk,
I wonder what it might say?
Like a movie reel, it remembers still
…the years that got away