Different Today

[D. Gonzalez]
Solig Songs BMI
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Something has happened, you’re different today
The look in your eyes, is so far away
…and I can see on your face, the words you can’t say
And you sure act different today 

Last night as I waited for you to come home
As you have for me in the past we have known 
But last night was so different, now i’m so afraid
And you sure act different, today   

        Something has happened that you can’t disguise
I’ve asked you no questions, your eye’s tell me lies
You don’t know half the price of the cost you just paid
And things sure are different today
Yes you sure act different today

 Our love ain’t been perfect, but so much we’ve shared
And words left unspoken still prove that you care
Will you still want tomorrow what you found yesterday?
And you sure act different, today
Yes, you sure act different, today