It Tears Me Up

[D. Penn, S. Oldham]
EMI Music / Screen Gems - BMI
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I see you walk with him
I see you talk to him
It tears me up, it tears me up
Starts my eyes crying, oh, I can't stop crying

I see him kiss your lips
And squeeze your fingertips
It tears me up, it tears me up
And I feel like I'm dying, I must be dying

It's a cold cold world I'm livin' in
I turn my back and there you are with my best friend
Sometimes we pass on the street darlin'
You look at me as if to say I'm sorry my sweet
Baby by saying sorry ain't good enough
But you look at me with that certain smile
And oh baby, it tears me up

I see you smile at him
Never tire of him
It tears me up
It tears me up
There ain't nothing I can do about it baby
Can't you see I'm still in love with you
Tears me up so badly
I'm still in love with you
It tears me up
Still wanting something that I can't have
Tears me up