Dave "DB" Berzansky

This is David James Berzansky, Sho-Bud pedal steel guitar player for the Hacienda Brothers. I was born and raised in Lompoc California and now live in San Diego.  I can pick out a tune on quite a few different instruments.  I can play a little guitar, bass, drums, played trumpet when I was younger and we always had a piano in the house when I was growing up.  The steel guitar is the instrument I have put the most time into and I hope to keep growing and learning on it.

I would say I enjoy music from just about every style.  As far as major influences that are directly related to the steel guitar there are so many, but I can hit on a few that come to mind right away.  When I first started on the steel I was very into Ernest Tubb's sixties band and I would say those records played a big role in getting me started.  Certainly, the Ray Price songbook is at the top of my play list all the time.  And I love to play swing music, so I always think of the live Brisbane Bop by the late Jimmie Rivers with the late great Vance Terry on steel as one of the great steel/jazz records.  Vance is just great.  Of course that is just a few of thousands of great records that come to mind.

I was so lucky when I started playing, to meet some of the guys that have been playing country music in San Diego for forty years or more.  I could not have had any better mentors and friends than these guys that taught me how to play real country, western swing, pop and rock and roll music, the way it should be played.  All of these great musicians are still working hard all around San Diego.  And I sure do wish I had time to play more gigs with these great folks.  Some of these bands (and I am sure I'm missing a few) are The Country Aces, The Country Lads, The Western Playboys and Ray Poe's Pickin Time Band.  Some other bands I have had the pleasure of playing with include (again I know I am missing some here) The California Rangers, The Cold Hard Facts, The Countrypolitans, Deke Dickerson and the Echophonics, The Golden Hill Ramblers, Bill Kirchen and Too Much Fun, The Working Cowboy Band.

Playing with The Hacienda Brothers has been a dream come true for sure.  Each one of these guys are close friends of mine, and killer musicians as well, and what a great band!  I am so thankful to have had so many great experiences and have met so many great people on our journeys.  I want to thank all of you that have come out to the shows and/or listened to the CD.  I am very happy to find so many steel guitar fans across the world and I really look forward to meeting each and every one of you out there. Thank you!