Hank Maninger

My real name is Philip, but I've always been Hank.  I was born in Napa, Ca., grew up in Concord and Danville, Ca. My family is from Pittsburg, Kansas, close to where Dale grew up in Missouri.  I lived in San Francisco for years but I've been in Berkeley for the last 12 years.

I play the electric bass.  At the time I joined the Bros I was primarily playing guitar. I've played guitar in bands since my early twenties.  After playing in suburban dance bands as a teenager I ventured into SF at age twenty and joined Bonnie Hayes and the Wild Combo.  We were signed to Slash Records and put out a couple of records.  I later played with Chuck Prophet, the Aqua Velvets, Lloyd Tripp and Johnny Dilks.  I also led various rootsy bands, singing and playing guitar. 

As far as my musical tastes, they are all over the map but here goes.  I love Elvis, The Everlys, all sorts of old surf music (mostly instrumental but I love the Beach Boys too), Clarence White era Byrds and all that Gram Parsons stuff.  I'm a big Stones and The Who fan.  And of course… the Beatles, Bowie, Roxy Music, Iggy, and early Blondie.  I enjoy all sorts of sixties soul and R&B like James Brown, Sam and Dave and Curtis Mayfield.  I also love sixties era country.  Waylon Jennings, George Jones and Tammy Wynette are probably my three favorite country singers.  Townes Van Zandt is another great.  I love listening to all sorts of jazz but I especially like to listen to jazz guitarists from the fifties and sixties like Johnny Smith, Jim Hall and Grant Green.  And I love Tucson's own Giant Sand.

A memorable Hacienda Brothers moment for me was when we played the Midnight Jamboree in Nashville and Stonewall Jackson was the host.  This is a live radio show and everything is very tightly scheduled.  So a very nice woman gives us a rundown of the show schedule, tells us exactly when we were playing and at what point in the show we were supposed to be "on deck".  But then she said something like "but you can never be sure what Stonewall's gonna do."  So the show starts and suddenly Stonewall says "and now the Hacienda Brothers."  Well, we weren't ready.  Stonewall says we must have gotten lost.  Precious radio airtime goes by while Stonewall wings it.  So we rush to the side of the stage and Stonewall brings us on, commenting that we somehow found our way.  The performance went great and Stonewall could not have been nicer.  What an old pro he is, always ready to ad-lib no matter what happens.

A few words for the fans: The fan support for our recordings and our live shows are what drives this band.  Spread the word and continue to help support music that falls outside of the mainstream.  Without your support… wait a second, is this a pledge drive for PBS?  Well, you get the idea.