PRIME TIME | by Tom Wilk, April, 2005

With The Hacienda Brothers, Dave Gonzalez and Chris Gaffney pull of a musical merger that incorporates their love of early soul music, roots rock and classic country. Dan Penn, producer of the album, has dubbed their sound "Western Soul" and it's an apt description. Gaffney's emotionally direct vocal style recalls Percy Sledge and Arthur Alexander on the mournful "She's Gone" that includes a hint of Roy Orbison at the end. Gaffney makes "Walkin' On My Dreams," a Gonzalez original, into a bluesy meditation about an ill-fated love. Penn wrote "The Years That Got Away" especially for Gaffney, who turns the lament for lost time and opportunities into the album's centerpiece.

Gonzalez, lead guitarist for the Paladins, brightens the proceedings with a sprightly vocal on "Leavin' on My Mind." T The band switches gears by showing off its instrumental side on "Railed," which recalls guitarist Duane Eddy's hits of the early 1960s, and the atmospheric "Saguaro" that would work effectively as a movie soundtrack instrumental.