The Hacienda Brothers self-titled, debut record earned them the term of "Western Soul" when it came to describing their music. For someone that has never heard that term, it is a combination of country with oldies influenced R&B and on this follow-up record, "What's Wrong With Right," the Hacienda Brothers knock the ball out of the park. Teaming up with songwriter Dan Penn to produce the album added an influence of 60's style to the otherwise dusty, country style (think Willie Nelson) that the Hacienda Brothers create. The lead vocals are raw at times, while at others they are very soulful and reminded me a lot of Van Morrison especially on tracks like "Keep It Together" and one of the two tributes to Penn, a cover of The Boxtops "Cry Like A Baby." This is obviously a band that draws an influence from the older style of music. Whether it is pure country as heard on title track "What's Wrong With Right" or Elvis Presley styled R&B as heard on "Rebound" there is going to be something here for a fan of both. Pretty solid album that has a lot of roots that shine through on the 13 tracks that make it up. There isn't any sophomore slump with this band, as they have only gotten better.