MSNBC.COM - ALTERCATION by Eric Alterman | by Terri Miller, June 12, 2006

Album Review       

What rock have I been hiding under?  How is it that a band so full of talent and range could have flown under my radar for so long?  To say that The Hacienda Brothers blew my socks off (Mystic Theater Petaluma, CA, May 12, 2006) is putting it mildly.  The duo of Chris Gaffney (Dave Alvin Band) and Dave Gonzalez (Palidins) joined forces to meld their passion for classic country music and early soul.  As the artists have evolved, so has their sound, incorporating roots-rock, blues and a tex-mex flavor, Hacienda style.  While I was busy getting my fill of more established bands, The Hacienda Brothers were busy gaining popularity at music festivals (South by Southwest and others) and at small clubs across the country.  With Gaffney, alternating between acoustic guitar and accordion and providing lead vocals, and Gonzalez, shifting between acoustic and electric guitar, The Hacienda Brothers, backed by the talent of David Berzansky (steel), Hank Maninger, (bass) and Dale Daniel (drums), pack their live performances with soulful country melodies, rockin’-blues, and kick-your-heels-up tex-mex riffs.

While The Hacienda Brothers were the opening act, I felt as if I got my fill and more when they left the stage.  Be sure to keep The Hacienda Brothers above the radar and do not miss the opportunity to see them when they are in your neck of the woods.

Eric adds:  Actually, I asked Terri to do this because I love the album.  It’s produced by Dan Spooner and has wonderful versions of “It Tears Me Up,” "Cry Like a Baby" and “Cowboys to Girls,”  Read all about it here.  (I’m going to buy the first one.)