THE ONION - A.V. CLUB | by Noel Murray, July 12, 2006

Album Review

Chris Gaffney and Dave Gonzalez spent a couple of decades each on the roots-rock circuit before teaming up to form The Hacienda Brothers, with the invaluable input of country-soul legend Dan Penn, who produced the band's eponymous debut and the follow-up What's Wrong With Right (Proper American). The latter picks up where the former left off, presenting simple, gospel-tinged vamps with a plume of Southwest smoke, anchored by Gaffney's raspy twang and Gonzalez's resonant picking. The new album's statement-of-purpose cover is a swinging take on Gamble & Huff's Philly soul classic "Cowboys To Girls," which explores how western archetypes and sounds continue to affect us…  A-