ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT & CHRONICLE | by Jeff Spevak | June 27, 2008

Arizona Motel Review

The unpretentious Chris Gaffney passed away from liver cancer in April, just as Americana folks were asking: "Wow, who's that singer?" There's lots here from a cool band, such as instrumental "Light it Again Charlie," drenched in organ and reverb guitar. But it's Gaffney's honky-tonk soul that's the beautiful wonder, successfully navigating George Jones' territory on "Divorce or Destroy" and "Break Free," as he advises, "you can live your life just like you want it." Don't we wish: The "Uncle Sam's Jail" Gaffney writes of is military service, and while the setting is Vietnam, it seems pretty clear that Gaffney had modern-day references in mind. "Exactly what we're fightin' for is sometime hard to tell ... most of us are losin' while the rich folks run the game."